I'm an Inclusive International Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer with a home base in the Triad of North Carolina.

Behind the scenes I am a Mama to 2 humans, 2 dogs, 2 cats, a turtle, and a fish! I love all things nature! 

My passion is serving couples who value genuine moments, presence, adventure, and love! I value connection and authenticity with my couples. Understanding your personalities, journey, and what makes your relationship unique allows me tell your love story and create a narrative through photographs. 

I am the photographer that would LOVE to climb a mountain or go on any journey with you and document it all! I promise to capture the day beautifully. I am your biggest hype girl and 100% here for you! 

Meet Taylor

behind the lens

quite literally obsessed with any animal

Pisces Sun
Virgo Rising
Virgo Moon

Enneagram 2

The mountains are my favorite place to be and make my soul smile! I always feel so at home no matter what mountain I am on. Let's explore together!

Anywhere Mountains

favorite place to travel


LOVE, kindness, adventures, the plants and trees, mountains, sunsets, the moon and the stars, music and dance, art, crystals and “the little things,” are a few of the things that make my soul smile. 

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Black Coffee

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Mexican Food

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Time with my Family

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I can't say no to

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Fostering Dogs


My Favorite Things

Capturing the untamed love stories, weaving memories that stand the test of time

I believe in the magic of genuine connection and the power of telling your unique love story through the lens. Candid shots that capture spontaneous emotions and interactions are something that I cherish. I have an eye for capturing those moments without being obtrusive. The art of noticing. Photography is a form of storytelling. I create a narrative through my images, capturing the progression of events and emotions from your unique experience. 

Candid Moments & Storytelling

Weddings involve numerous details, from intricate decorations to attire. My goal is to focus on the beauty of the present moment. I am there to seize those fleeting glances, tender touches, and heartfelt smiles, ensuring you are fully present on your special day. I will handle the rest for you. 

The details

Connecting with my clients, building trust, and making them feel at ease is something that I value greatly! I am not just here to take pictures. I am here to serve you. Your dreams, your vision, your love story – they all matter to me! I promise to provide you with an experience that goes beyond photography. 

Emotional Connection

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lauren & chris

"I hired Taylor to capture of the most special moments of my life - getting married. From my engagement session to my wedding I was never disappointed. She extremely professional and organized that it was one less thing I had to worry about on my wedding day. She took the most amazing photos.
I highly recommend Taylor to anyone that needs a professional photographer. She has become our go-to photographer for anything."


"I am so happy with the photos that Taylor took of my family! They turned out beautifully. She was so nice, and she did a great job working with my active toddler! She got my photos back to me just a couple of days after shooting them. I am so excited to display these in my home!"

Hannah & Kyle

"Taylor has been taking our pictures for over two years now. She is simply phenomenal. I would trust her to photograph any event and milestone. No one captures love and light quite as well. Honestly, she's just so amazing at what she does- and so personable. We will always be return customers."